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***Please note- All puppies are sold with AKC limited registration(pet price) at the prices listed, unless otherwise noted.
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Emailing is the best way to reach us. We check our email several times daily. If you need to call, its best to do so after 4pm
Additional Information

-Limited Registration(Pet)- Puppy sold as pet only, no breeding rights-desired by most people just wanting a pet.
-Full Registration(Full)-Puppy is sold with full breeding/show rights
-Microchipping available-Avid Microchip- Additional $25
-Shipping available to most major airports- Additional $250
-AKC-American Kennel Club
-CKC-Continental Kennel Club
-Boy or Girl? -Both make equally good pets, spay/nueter before they become adults -to eliminate unwanted behaivor.
-Spay/Nueter Agreement?-  Buyer agrees in writing to have puppy nuetered/spayed within a certain time limit.
-Pet Only- Puppy is deemed pet quality only. Not suitable for breeding/show, but a perfectly good, healthy pet.
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