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Additional Information

-Limited Registration(Pet)- Puppy sold as pet only, no breeding rights-desired by most people just wanting a pet.
-Full Registration(Full)-Puppy is sold with full breeding/show rights(additional cost)
-Microchipping at buyers request (no additional charge)- Please request before pickup date!
-AKC-American Kennel Club
-CKC-Continental Kennel Club
-Boy or Girl? -Both make equally good pets, spay/nueter before they become adults -to eliminate unwanted behaivor.
-Spay/Nueter Agreement?-  Buyer agrees in writing to have puppy nuetered/spayed within a certain time limit.
-Pet Quality/Pet Only- Puppy is deemed pet quality ( too small in size, etc). Not suitable for breeding/show, but a perfectly good, healthy pet.
-email us at :
We no longer accept personal checks- No exceptions.
***Please note- All puppies are sold with AKC limited registration (pet ) at the prices listed, unless otherwise noted. Inquire for Full AKC registration
We Reserve the right to Refuse Sale to Anyone
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Email us or call us at 252-945-2479
AKC Registration:
All puppies are sold as pets with Limited AKC papers. This means the puppy is to be a pet only, not for breeding. If you are interested in having breeding rights(Full AKC), please inquire before pickup. Full registration is only available on certain puppies ,at a additional cost(prices vary).

We use NuVet Vitamin Supplement. Order yours today and keep your puppy on the road to a long healthy life. To learn about NuVet click here

Order by Phone- 1-800-474-7044

ID Code: 31174

Our Puppies are fed Royal Canin Puppy food. It is a premium diet and sold at most Petsmart and Petco stores. For more info or a store locator click here
We can have your puppy microchipped before leaving at buyers request. No additional charge from us. You will need to have the chip registered in your name after pickup. There is a one time fee(around $20) for this(paid to the registry, not us) Here is the link to their site or call them at : 1-800-434-2834 Our provider code : C20995

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Free Puppy kit with each puppy
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Please email us if you see a puppy you are interested in.
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